Alphabet Zoo: Continuous Line Drawing

$18.95 / Perfectbound

ISBN: 9781457536571
34 pages

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This is an interactive ‘workbook’ that provides a fun way for a pre-schooler to learn the letters and journey through the alphabet together with the creatures of the wild. The child will also develop cognitive skills through drawing. Each letter of the alphabet is incorporated into an outline of an animal. The 3 components: graphics, rhyme and illustration are designed to work together to draw the child to the book and the alphabet within.

The book can be revisited by a child during different stages of development. At first, a child will most likely pay attention to the capital letters on each page, enunciating the corresponding animal’s name, followed by an interest to draw and outline, and then eventually read the rhyme.


About Oliya Vasilisa Owen

Oliya Vasilisa Owen is a Dallas-based graphic designer and illustrator, who loves children, books, puns and good humor.



Alligator must not be late, for his toothsome, scaly date. A skillful hunter is the bear. She catches salmon in mid air. A thirsty camel does not falter. His hump is there for storing water.


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